Tasmanian Copper Metal Art

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can the items be hung outdoors?
A. The suns u.v.rays combined with rain, salt air etc. will eventually break down the lacquer on the work so I recommend them for indoors primarily, however ventilated bathrooms or even under an outdoor patio/pergola will give many years of pleasure. I can now have items clear powder coated over the top of my colour which will enable the products to be hung directly outdoors . The finish is brilliant and gives each piece a deep shine and enhances the colour. The powder coating increases the cost and delays the shipping time as it is done off site . Please enquire for prices as it is determined on the size of the item.

2. Do I need to clean the work?
A. No cleaning ever needed !!!! All items are clear lacquered so there will be no tarnishing or rust . It will only require a normal dust .

3. What is the postage cost?
A. The forwarding costs are all built into the shopping cart, so if you click "add to cart" then you can view the cart at any time to see the freight costs . Simply remove the items that are not required.
Pay postage on the most expensive item only. (Retail customers only, wholesale postage will be confirmed after packing.)

4.Do you sell to shops?
A. I most certainly do, so please enquire about our rates

5. How is it made?
A. All items are firstly drawn onto a sheet and cut from either steel, copper or brass using an oxy acetylene torch (hot flame), laser cutter or plasma cutter, often there is a combination of cutting techniques on each piece of work. The work is hammered into shape and often details are embossed with pieces of wire. Parts are welded/soldered together, and then sprayed black from behind. The art is polished on a buffer and then I airbrush the colours on and bake with an industrial heat gun. Once it has cooled I spray a clear lacquer to seal it and create a beautiful shine.

6. Can you make custom designs?
A. Yes in a majority of cases I can. I have just introduced a computerised plasma cutter which enables me to produce many new designs and create more precise pieces. Please enquire to discuss your requirements.

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